New Guidelines (COVID-19)



If you have ANY Covid-19 symptoms: A high temperature, cough or cold, or have been in contact with anyone who is unwell please DO NOT ENTER THE SALON. We all know the symptoms and how this virus can spread. Please stop and think before entering. If you are unwell please let us know as soon as possible.


Our team are trained to Covid-19 hygiene standards. We will operate in a safe, hygienic and as always professional manner. We will be working at a safe distance where possible and have been briefed on how to safely use our own PPE. Our staff will not attend the Salon if they have a temperature or feel unwell or if anyone in their household has symptoms.


We have fitted screens around the Salon to reduce face-to-face contact. Each station will have access to cleaning products and hand sanitisers.
We will ensure adequate ventilation in the salon by opening doors where we can and is safe to do so. All staff will be using the correct PPE. Every surface will be regularly cleaned and sanitised between each client appointment.


Please attend appointments alone. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children in the Salon. Please sanitise your hands upon entry at our station points, and again before leaving. Our waiting area is temporarily closed, please wait safely outside. Appointments only, you can book-in online, phone or at the Salon. We can greet you when safe to do so – again please wait outside, a member of staff will attend to you.


Please minimise personal belongings you bring as they will need to be kept with you (handbags, jackets, etc) – we can not take your coats from you. We will not be able to provide any refreshments, you can bring your own in a secure bottle which should be kept in your bag and not on any surface. We won’t have any magazines but you are welcome to bring your own. Our toilets will be out of action, but in case of emergency can be used.


Face masks are now mandatory in all salons and have been since 8th August 2020 – you must wear one in the salon. We can provide one at a small extra cost of £1.00. This is for your own safety, others around you and our members of staff. All staff will be wearing the correct PPE according to the government’s guidelines.

Thank you for your co-operation.